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IQBBA is an international and independent standard-giving body for business analysis and a special interest group (SIG) in the international organization GASQ – Global Association for Software Quality AISBL


The IQBBA certification consists of three levels: Certified Foundation Level Business Analyst (CFLBA), Certified Advanced Level Business Analyst (CALBA) and Certified Expert Level Business Analyst (CELBA).


The mission of IQBBA is to develop and maintain best standards in the field of business analysis and for the certification of its practitioners.


The scheme was developed in cooperation between several international experts. The content of this scheme can therefore be seen as an international standard. The syllabus thereby makes it possible to train and test internationally at the same level.

Target audience

IQBBA scheme is designed for people involved in analyzing business processes within an organization, modeling businesses and process improvement: Business Analysts, Process and Product Owners, Innovators, Product Designers, Process Optimization Professionals etc.

IQBBA Certification Structure


IQBBA provides you with a certification scheme allowing to gather knowledge and skills necessary for improving your business.

IQBBA provides the following skills:

  • Enterprise Analysis – understand the business processes performed within an organization, identify the change needed and prepare feasibility studies together with risk analysis.
  • Business Analysis – identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems.
  • Process Improvement – optimize an organization’s performance.
  • Innovation, design and customer – apply modern techniques of innovation and creative design in order to produce new, competitive products.

Foundation Level

Target audience for the Foundation level certification

The Foundation level is suitable for business and system analysts, requirements engineers, product owners and product managers. A basic experience in solution concept, design or development is required.

With graduation of the Foundation level certificate you become qualified for the advanced training course – the IQBBA Certified Foundation Level Business Analyst.

Learning objectives

The Foundation level certification forms a base for a today’s key qualification in the business analysis field. The acquired knowledge assures a proficiency in definitions and background about business processes modeling and improving, collecting and analyzing requirements, designing business solutions and working in the area of innovation.

Main focus of the Foundation level certification is put on common rules and standards used in business analysis. An additionally topic is the innovation and design as one of major means of building competitive advantage

The content

  1. Fundamentals of Business Analysis
  2. Strategy Definition
  3. Management of Business Analysis Process
  4. Requirements Engineering in Business Analysis
  5. Solution Evaluation and Optimization

Please download the syllabus in English here.

Please download the glossary here.

Advanced Level

Advanced Level modules aim to further improve the Fundation Level skills. The Advanced Level is designed to develop more advanced skills in the specific knowledge area of IQBBA Business Analysis approach – for example, in the scope of Requirements Management.


Specific modules of the Advanced Level covers the following knowledge areas:

  • Business Analysis Process Management – this module provides deep knowledge about generic Business Analysis processes, elaborates on process management including context analysis and process performance management, and people management. New tools, methods and techniques to be used to support this knowledge area are provided
  • Requirements Management – this module explains the context and specific activities of Requirements Management (RM). It covers the topic of establishing processes for Requirements Development and building a framework for RM consisting of information architecture and traceability, configuration and change management, conflict management, Quality Assurance and requirements communication. In addition, process performance assessment and process improvement areas are explained. More tools, methods and techniques to be used to support this knowledge area are provided
  • Strategic Analysis and Optimization – more advanced and even more practical knowledge about Strategy Definition and Solution Evaluation and Optimization. Make your organization successful and increase business value with the means provided by IQBBA.

IQBBA Foundation Level Certification Fee

₹6000 + Applicable Taxes

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  • Assured gift voucher on successful clearing the certification
  • Support in job placement
  • Continuous counselling for your future career pat
  • Discounts on other certifications

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